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Nonton Missile (1988) Direct by Frederick Wiseman. Actors . Missile (1988). . Zipporah Films, Inc.. United States Of America. Edited Subtitle by indoxxif.site

Missile (1988) iMDb:7.2/10/89

(User Rating 7.2/10 Based on 89)

Genre: Documentary

Actors: ,


Production: ,,

Sinopsis: MISSILE Follows The 4315th Training Squadron Of The Strategic Air Command At Vandenberg Air Force Base In California, Where Air Force Officers Are Trained To Man The Launch Control Centers For The Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Sequences Include Discussion Of The Moral And Military Issues Of Nuclear War; The Arming, Targeting And Launching Of The Missile; Codes; Communications; Protection Against Terrorist Attack; Emergency Procedures; Staff Meetings And Tutorial Sessions.

Durasi: 115 min

Quality:  Fhd


Countries: ,

Alternatif title:

Actor & Crew Missile (1988) iMDb:7.2/10/89

Poster Missile (1988) iMDb:7.2/10/89

Video Missile (1988) iMDb:7.2/10/89

Nonton Movie Missile (1988) fhd Subtitle Indonesia Gratis hanya di INDOXXIfun. Film Missile di sutradarai oleh Frederick Wiseman yang mahir menciptakan cerita fiksi di film Missile ini. Film Missile ini di angkat dari sebuah cerita Documentary yang di bintangi oleh yang berperan sebagai , .

Box Office Missile akan di rilis pada tanggal 1988-01-15 di negara United States Of America.Hingga pada di rilisnya film Missile kini mendapatkan rating 7.2(iMDb).. Selamat menonton film berdurasi 115 di INDOXXIfun.