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Nonton Crazy Foolish Thieves (2012) Comedy Direct by Li Kai. Actors Francis Ng,Lam Suet,Ying Er,Teddy Lin. Crazy Foolish Thieves (2012). Comedy. . China. Edited Subtitle by indoxxif.site

Crazy Foolish Thieves (2012) iMDb:2.9/10/8

(User Rating 2.9/10 Based on 8)

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Actors: ,,,,


Production: ,

Sinopsis: The Small Fry In Hong Kong Yue Ye Owed Loan Sharks 500.000 Hide In The Home; Of The Mainland''s Andy Andy To Two Gangsters Like To Watch Movies All Day Looking Forward To Go To Hong Kong To See The Big Star, Into The Underworld. In Order To Get The Money, The Music God Has Two People To Steal A Planned Group Chairman Wang Shixiong. Unexpectedly Suffered A Burglary To Take To The "Southeast Asia''s First Killer" Charles, Charles Employed Murder, Gambling Debts And Hired To Kill HIM A Few Dial Troops. Wang Shixiong The Daughter Of Wang Shi Should Kidnapping Someone Else To The Music God Rescued, But Her Loss Of Memory, Low IQ. The Feelings Of Innocence And Dependent Girl, Wang Shi Yi Yue Ye Extortion Delay In Action. Thought Either Their Money In The Music God, But Also To Protect The Way Of Wang Yi Shi, And His Murderers Behind The Fields To Find Their Killer Charles Came To The Door

Durasi: 96 min

Quality:  Sd


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Actor & Crew Crazy Foolish Thieves (2012) iMDb:2.9/10/8

Poster Crazy Foolish Thieves (2012) iMDb:2.9/10/8

Video Crazy Foolish Thieves (2012) iMDb:2.9/10/8

Nonton Movie Crazy Foolish Thieves (2012) sd Subtitle Indonesia Gratis hanya di INDOXXIfun. Film Crazy Foolish Thieves di sutradarai oleh Li Kai yang mahir menciptakan cerita fiksi di film Crazy Foolish Thieves ini. Film Crazy Foolish Thieves ini di angkat dari sebuah cerita Comedy, Crime yang di bintangi oleh Francis Ng yang berperan sebagai Ying Liu, Lam Suet yang berperan sebagai Cha Er Si, Ying Er yang berperan sebagai Wang Shi Yi, Teddy Lin yang berperan sebagai , Peng Bo yang berperan sebagai Xiao Bao, Dong Li-Fan yang berperan sebagai , Wang Taili yang berperan sebagai , .

Box Office Crazy Foolish Thieves akan di rilis pada tanggal 2012-03-01 di negara China.Hingga pada di rilisnya film Crazy Foolish Thieves kini mendapatkan rating 2.9(iMDb).. Selamat menonton film berdurasi 96 di INDOXXIfun.